Korean Iron Girl

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No.1 Prostyle-catfight movie in the world. Korean Irongirl Match official home page



  • October.26.2013 Korean Irongirl match Se 4.1 Korea vs Japan war!

    Link to Season4 Episode 3 The Long historical rival, Korea and Japan! At last, the first battle of catfight between Korea and Japan, is begun. The secret plot of 'head of W.in.D', who is trying to collapse his team in unknown reason, is continued After failure of the first attack of Athena, the evil union, by his secret order, the head asked help to Battle Japan, So Battle dispatch the assassin Kaneshiro to Korea urgently. The powerful and brutal heel fighter Kaneshiro, , the secret weapon of Battle invade W.in.D to collapse them! And the technician fighter Rumi, the last Ace of W.in.D is fighting against her in the ring, it is unavoidable match! Battle and W.in.D, come head to head in the match with their lethal move, it will be hot. And…the first grand opening of Korea-Japan catch fight is begin!! Included moves : Piledriver, Cradle piledriver, Tombstone piledriver, 619, backbreaker, Bodyslam, boston crab, cobra twist, camel clutch, surfboad stretch and Many submission hold and sequences!


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